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Student Sues Phi Delt; Alleges Hazing, Assault

The Phi Delta Theta fraternity house in 2013

The suit alleges that on March 7, 2015 a former pledge was forced to consume an excessive amount of alcohol at a fraternity ceremony before he was singled out to be physically assaulted in a basement room of the chapter house.

Representative example

Raghav Rao Viewpoints Headshot 111212

We act appropriately when representing institutions—why not do the same when acting on our own?

Two fraternities under fire after bias claims

The campus fraternity Alpha Delt's house on South University Avenue.

A pledging activity at Alpha Delta Phi and a party thrown by Delta Upsilon have been seen as racially insensitive by Latino groups on campus, bringing in the larger campus community, as well as administrators and OMSA.

Old fraternity pushes for new chapter

012712 nws deltataudelta (Darren Leow)

After 75 years away from the University, Delta Tau Delta is trying to reestablish a campus presence. Zeta Beta Tau, another new fraternity, is also trying to expand.

Stanger remembered at Mr. University


A solemn University of Chicago Greek community gathered in Mandel Hall for Kappa Alpha Theta’s annual Mr. University competition, dedicated to its sister Emma Stanger, a second-year who died Sunday morning in a car crash.

“Green Greeks” trudge through post-fraternity party debris for environment


On a recent Sunday afternoon, a group of first-years stood in the Psi Upsilon house, waiting for the fraternity’s president to come downstairs. This small group had a large task. Calling themselves the Green Greeks, they seek to make frat parties—events that consume large amounts of glass, plastic, and aluminum—a little gentler on the environment.