Summer Breeze Was Frozen, Let it Go

If Jeremih can party in Vegas the night before Summer Breeze, fly cross-country, and blow through a bang-up performance at Summer Breeze, bitching about the weather seems unreasonable. Look to Jeremih’s example. Be more like Jeremih.


54th Annual FOTA Springs Into Art

FOTA’s goal is to expose students to all forms of art regardless of their prior experience with the art world. “We try to get everybody involved in making art or just appreciate something new. [For example,] whether they like painting or ballet, they also get to see fashion.”

Dr. Jennifer Richardson lectured on Beyoncé’s tilt toward pop-as-politics, particularly in her latest album, Lemonade.

Lecturer Gets Fingers Sticky With Lemonade

“Beyoncé whitened herself in an attempt to be ‘palatable’ by a culture that needed her to be that [way], and she’s aware of that: she critiques that in ‘Pretty Hurts,’ she critiques that in Lemonade.”